"After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel." - Joseph Smith

Monday, July 14, 2014

Short but Sweet

Hola a todos,

Happy Anniversary (last week) to my awesome parents who have now been married for 24 years and have an eternity to look forward to!

Pues, no tenemos mucho para decirles esta semana. Todo esta bien, ja. Manuela y Jasmine estan progresando mucho y sus bautismos son esta semana. Jasmine tiene 12 años y Manuela es su abuelita. Encontramos las dos en Abril y tenemos mucho tiempo, muchas lecciones, y mucho amor. Las dos han progresado mucho y es la cosa mas bonita, ver sus progresos y sus cambios con El Evangelio.

Oh, another highlight from this week: the Valenzuela Fuentes Family made me Green Chicken Enchiladas and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I was so incredibly happy, ha.

Also, the limits of our areas were slightly rearranged this week. Our area is now a bit smaller. In all honesty, it is a good thing. We were working the largest area and we were stretched pretty thin. So now that the area is smaller we have the ability to focus our time and efforts a bit more.

Oh, and this week we were looking for a reference and these two Jehovah´s Witnesses passed by. We were talking about them before they passed by because we are really curious as to what they believe and what they are preaching to people. So we tried to talk to them, but when they saw us they just started walking faster...

And this week we are going to have comida with Ellie´s Mom and Sister! I am really excited!

As always, I love y´all and I hope all is well!
Hermana Dudley

Howdy, Whoop! and Gig ´Em!

Hola a todos,

Update: My comp and I are doing great. Sometimes she kind of spaces out and I have to repeat entire conversations, ha. But, she is really great and we laugh a lot and I am learning so much from her humble example! My Spanish is improving a lot. Like, a lot. Today, I went off on some rant and afterwards I realized that I said everything in Spanish and it was pretty sweet, ha. 

The other day, Joel described me as ´´Blanca, romántica, fiel, y alegre.´´ I was pretty happy with that description, ha. Joel continues to progress wonderfully. The bishop is working on finding a calling for him and he will be having an interview to receive his priesthood. And, yesterday he bore his testimony! He talked about how important it is to keep the bathrooms of the chapel clean, ha. But, I was so proud, ha. We are teaching him how to read and yesterday we covered A and B. I love teaching Joel, it is a constant reminder to be patient, loving, and that in reality, the Spirit is the true teacher.

Oh, Happy Independence Day! I wore red, white and blue to celebrate, ha.

Funny story: Here, the traditional salutation is a handshake and a kiss on the cheek. Well, with the hermanas that is not a problem and I have not had a problem with any hermanos for three months....but this week, ay. We were teaching an investigator named Josandres. And he shook my companion´s hand, no problem. Then he shook my hand and tried to kiss me! It was so funny, like, slow motion. I was thinking, ´what is he doing...why is his face getting closer to mine....AY YI YI YI NO!´ And I said that. Ha. It was hilarious.

Greatest thing this week, we have finally started to work with the members. It is starting off slowly, but this ward is very hard working and very willing to help us. This week our goal is to have a member in every lesson and I am so excited to see the results! One family, Jiminez Mimbela, is a family that I absolutley love. Ella cocina bien rica, siempre, y siempre nos da comida, ja. Pero, ellos estaban inactivos por como 7 años. Pero, in August they are going to the Temple to be sealed together for time and all eternity! I was so happy to hear that! One thing that I have truly come to love, appreciate, and KNOW is that our families can be together forever. I know that with the proper authority, I can be married para siempre. I know that I can base my future family on love that has no bounds. I know that my family is forever. I am so grateful that my parents were sealed in the Temple, by someone who truly holds the keys of the Priesthood to do so. I know that families are forever, I know that this Gospel is the truth, I know God lives and loves us and thanks to His Infinite Wisdom we have infinite opportunities through the infintie sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He lives. Christ lives. I know it. I love it. I will live it.

I love y´all!!!
Hermana Dudley

P.S. The men with guns in the corner close to our house are still there. We are currently working on a plan to contact all of them with the goal of entering the big house. We found out who lives there. He is, basically, in charge of their national guard and his grandfather or great grandfather was the secretary of the national army. He is important, ha.

Bienvenido a Julio en México

Hola a todos!

First of all, Happy Birthday this week to my dear Grandpa. Secondly, Happy Independence Day! Thirdly, Aaron Lopez hits 11 months as a missionary today! And fourthly, I have officially been in Mexico for 3 months today.

Well, what a week. First of all, I learned of El Mundial. It is huge, how did I never know what that was? I bought a Mexico shirt, then they lost, ha.

We decided this week that we are going to teach Joel how to read. I am really excited, we will see how it goes.

BIGGEST NEWS: CAMBIOS: Yes, I have a new companion. I was so sad to see Cervantes leave and I was so nervous before finding out my new situation. But, all is well. Her name is Hermana Velasco, she is from Oaxaca. She is 25, a convert, and she sleeps with her Missionary Tag on, ha. She is so sweet, and a hard worker. She is a bit spacey sometimes, ha, but all is well. We worked a lot this week and it is so exciting and fun.

I have grown tremendously this week. I have more responsibility, more worries, and just about no time to think. I plan, I lead the lessons becuase I know the Investigators, I am in charge of the cell phone and passing along the data, and I have to navigate. I successfully made it to all of our comidas this week, that is a huge accomplishment. Also, my new district is just us and a companionship of elders. Elder Sanchez is from Peru and Elder Cox is a redhead from Arizona. It is hilarious that there are now two redheads in one ward. But, the elders are new to the are as well and dont know anything, so I am always in the lead. I was really worried, but I know more than I thought I did, ha. All has been well. I have really progressed this week and I love it.

I know that this Gospel is true. I know that the Lord doesn't give us things we cant handle.

I love y'all!
Hermana Dudley