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Monday, July 14, 2014

Short but Sweet

Hola a todos,

Happy Anniversary (last week) to my awesome parents who have now been married for 24 years and have an eternity to look forward to!

Pues, no tenemos mucho para decirles esta semana. Todo esta bien, ja. Manuela y Jasmine estan progresando mucho y sus bautismos son esta semana. Jasmine tiene 12 años y Manuela es su abuelita. Encontramos las dos en Abril y tenemos mucho tiempo, muchas lecciones, y mucho amor. Las dos han progresado mucho y es la cosa mas bonita, ver sus progresos y sus cambios con El Evangelio.

Oh, another highlight from this week: the Valenzuela Fuentes Family made me Green Chicken Enchiladas and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I was so incredibly happy, ha.

Also, the limits of our areas were slightly rearranged this week. Our area is now a bit smaller. In all honesty, it is a good thing. We were working the largest area and we were stretched pretty thin. So now that the area is smaller we have the ability to focus our time and efforts a bit more.

Oh, and this week we were looking for a reference and these two Jehovah´s Witnesses passed by. We were talking about them before they passed by because we are really curious as to what they believe and what they are preaching to people. So we tried to talk to them, but when they saw us they just started walking faster...

And this week we are going to have comida with Ellie´s Mom and Sister! I am really excited!

As always, I love y´all and I hope all is well!
Hermana Dudley

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