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Monday, April 7, 2014

Chihuahua Week 1!

Buenos Tardes,

This is something I have learned here, they don't say hola they say buenos tardes or buenos dias or whatever. And when they answer the phone they say bueno!

First off, my last devotional at the MTC, David archuleta came and sang to us. So great. And I want everyone to look up the talk Recognizing the Spirit by David Bednar. Secondly, this is the address to send packages and letters to. It is a friend of our mission president that lives on the border and he drives our mail down every couple of weeks. It is much cheaper and more reliable. therefore, I expect lots of packages, haha.

Julio Velazquez
Hermana Koby Dudley
PO Box1486
Presidio, TX
USA 79845

Also, there is a Chihuahua Mexico Mission Facebook page, you should all go find it.

Ok, lets get down to business:
My first week in Mexico...everything is different, and some things are the same. For instance, we don't have hot water. I took cold showers until I realized I could heat water up in the microwave and carry it in a bucket to the shower. The water faucets turn the opposite direction. When you meet someone, you give them a kiss of the cheek. That really took me by surprise the first day. But, the have a walmart, a dominoes, burger king, wendys, subway, lowes, home depot, sam's club, ha.

I'm in an area called Delicias. It's about an hour south of Chihuahua. I like it, it's much smaller and therefore cleaner than Chihuahua. There are a lot of dogs, and yes, chihuahuas. I never had a fear of dogs before the mission, but I am slightly petrified. I was almost attacked yesterday, Also, I've almost been hit by a car multiple times because they don't have cross walks and lights, you just look and run. And stop signs aren't really rules, just guidelines. And the stigma of putting lots of people in one car is true. We had 9 people in a 4 seater taxi and 10 people in one of those little tiny 3 seater trucks.

I have two companions, Hermana Cervantes and Hermana Hererra. Cervantes goes home in June and Hererra in Octubre. Neither of them speak English.

We have an investigator that doesn't leave her house because she is terrified of being murdered and she lives with a man who doesn't have legs. Mexico is an interesting place.

Spanish wise, I know I'm learning, I definitely know more Spanish today than I did last week. I understand general ideas of things, but specifics are over my head. Becuase of this, everything is like a giant game of follow the leader. But, I do understand the lessons, and I am always able to share my testimony. I have also been giving the Spiritual thought/scripture at all of our meals. Even the first day I was here. Hermana Cervantes asked me if I would, and I didn't think I would have a choice, so I did, and now it's a pretty regular thing. So even though I can't really speak the language, I at least feel like I am contributing to the companionship and the work. but I'll be so happy when I can truly communicate.

Everyday is a roller coaster. But I know it is right.

¡Les amo!
Hermana Dudley

P.S. Also, I didn't gain 10 pounds in the MTC. That was an accident. I only gained 5 and I am pretty sure I have lost it by now.

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