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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Week Down!

Y'all, it is almost one month. Can I get a WHOOP!

So, this week was good and pretty fast. Last Monday I went to the dentist. Seeing a Mexican dentist freaked me out, but all turned out well and my tooth is as good as new.

I also went to Chihuahua to finalize all my visa stuff, so I am official now.

Our house was fumigated because we had roaches and we had roaches because my comps are messy. But, all is well. We have one of the nicest houses. And, I found out yesterday that we are the only trio in the whole mission.

We have this investigator named Marisol who is absolutely wonderful! She and her Mom work at a little Tecate shop right next to our house. They sell alcohol, ha. But one day we were walking by and they stopped us to ask who we were. So we left a pamphlet over the Restoration and she stopped us a couple days later because she read it and wanted to learn more! We have taught her a few times now and she accepted a baptismal date of the 31 of May. She is so prepared, it is such a testament to me that The Lord prepares, and the Spirit teaches. I am really just here to open doors. But it is so fun! Her mom is a Jehovahs Witness, but she is really open and supportive of Marisol. They work every day from 10 to 10, so we see them every time we walk past nuestra casa. And there are always three or four little girls with them. Marisol has two daughters that are 4 and 2 and two hermanitas that are 12 and 4, ha. They love us, completely. The girls always walk us home at night and the Mother really watches out for us. It is so fun to make friends with the neighbors, and then teach them. Relationships like these are really what it is all about right? I love it.

Another Highlight: we had an activity in the octava, which is a street where they have like a huge market every Saturday. We set up a table with brochures and Books of Mormon and we talked to everyone. We wound up with around 140 references! It was so much fun! I have some great pictures, but I forgot my cable en la casa. Now, we just have to follow up.

I have truly learned that every in the service of the Lord is different and we can learn something new with every person we meet. This was a great week and I am so excited to see what the next few days bring!

I love this Gospel! I love my Savior Jesus Christ! I spent a lot of study time this week on the Atonement. The better we understand the Atonement, the better we understand everything! Alma 7:11 to 13 is my favorite scripture from this week. It explains everything the Atonement covers and why. I LOVE IT. Sara, maybe you could put it on the blog, ha. Entonces, I know that Christ not only suffered for my sins, but for every feeling, every sickness, every pain. I know He did this because He loves me and He needed to go through these things to better understand me and how to to help me. It is a truly beautiful thing!

I love y'all!

Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Dudley

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