"After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel." - Joseph Smith

Monday, May 26, 2014


Que Bien esta semana! Hoy, yo cumplí 3 meses! WHOOP!

First of all, we had gorditas twice. I love gorditas and now I know how to make them. Secondly, Hermana Cervantes y yo estamos trabajando mucho y nuestra companionship is so fun and we are just truly doing so well. Part of this is service. I have really been trying lately to serve her and I have seen such a difference in our days. My opportunities to serve have increased a lot because she has an issue with her foot and we have to start going to the doctor like twice a week for treatment.   

I am writing late today because we had this activity with all the hermanas and I had to teach a class over eating healthy, ha. But, it’s all good because I can write to y’all about all that happened today.

I discovered my favorite place to go on P-day. It used to be Walmart. Holy cow, I love Walmart here, like, y’all can’t understand. Walmart is grand. But today, I discovered somewhere even better. There is this restaurant called Banditos. It is like a western steak house. There are pictures of John Wayne, the waitresses wear chaps and cowboy hats, and American Country Music is always playing.  AAAHHH!!!! I felt so at home, ha. And, the food is pretty good. I had a Texana Burger and their horchata has ice cream in it! SO GREAT!

Banditos was awesome, but the coolest thing was right after our District meeting. We had this investigator who we were forced to drop for various interesting reasons. He really is a bit of a roller coaster. But, he came to church on Sunday all on his own and wants to be baptized! Vanga me!  Entonces, hoy tuvimos una leccion con el, para review todas las cosas que ya ensenamos. He remembered pretty much everything, which is extremely impressive because he is very, how do I explain him....slow. His name is Joel and he is a very interesting case. But, he understands and is progressing and it is so cool! 

Last thought:  On Sunday I heard this phrase and I love it. ¨Hay una diferencia entre una creencia y la fe. La diferencia es las obras.´ Entonces, it is our actions that turn our beliefs into faith.  Preach the Gospel, use words if necessary.

Hermana Dudley

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