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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Cinco De Mayo..


FYI, Cinco de Mayo is not a real holiday. When I asked my comps about it they had no idea what I was talking about. I have no idea why everyone in the US thinks it is a big deal here, but it is not, ha.
Some funny little things: a lot of people here think that the church is a church for Gringos, ha.
My comps call me a muneca. The n is supposed to have the little mark over it but I havent really figured out the mexican keyboards. Anyways, it means doll, ha. And, that activity we had where we got 140 references? Out of 140, only 6 are in our area. What the heck! Ha. But they are good references.

Two very important things happened to me this week. First, I started to understand Spanish! I dont know how or why, but one day things just started to make sense! Not 100%, but I can actually understand a lot now. It started when we were on Splits, and this other Americana was with us. She has been here for about three months, but her companion is Americana, entonces ellas hablan mucho ingles. Throughout the entire day I had to translate things for her, and I ACTUALLY COULD! It was the coolest thing! Being able to understand and communicate changes everything!!!!

The other important thing that happened is the realization of what my job really is. I am here to teach and testify and serve, yes. But, my job is not to help people. My job is to facilitate others´abilities to help themselves. In all aspects. An investigator has to fulfill committments and have a testimony of their own. They have to learn to be self sufficient in the Gospel and other areas of life. That is a really important concept!

Oh yeah, and cambios have arrived. I am staying put, thank goodness, but Hermana Herrera is leaving. So, finally, I will experience the mission in a regular duo, ha. I am interested to see how is goes becuase Hermana Cervantes and I are a bit different and both of us are new to the area. And on top of that, Hermana Cervantes goes home in June. So after she leaves, I dont know what will happen to me, ha. I am interested to see how it all goes down, but I am not worried. I know that it is all according to the Lord´s plan and I know He will help us deal with all the things we have to learn.

Happy Mother´s Day this week! And Happy Birthday to my Dear Daddy!

Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Dudley

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