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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Anahuac y Cuauhtemoc!

Monday, January, 19, 2015

Hola a Todos,

Solo quiero decirles que me encanta Anahuac y Cuauhtemoc! Seriously, when I first got here, I was a little hesitant, and I can also say that these cambios have been the most stressful times of my whole mission, but dang, I love it here and I don't ever want to leave. Seriously.

I love it. I love the members. The other day we were working with a member and her three little girls. They love Frozen and of course so do I. So naturally we started to sing together. I taught them the English version of ´Let It Go´and they taught me the Spanish version. Really, it was just fun and is something so simple, but it just helped my love for this place and these people grow so much! And now I have three best friends under the age of 9 to sing with, ha. But really, all the members are so great. They just have this pure love that they share. They all remember that my birthday is tomorrow, even though I only have two weeks here. And today in our district meeting we are going to have cake.

This was a very rewarding week. We had a reunion with our presidente and we worked really hard. It was one of those weeks that just makes me love being a missionary even more. My companion and I are still getting along great and we have met some wonderful people that are progressing very well.

I know that Heavenly Father has a specific plan for each one of His children. I know that He loves me so much and for that reason He blessed me with the opportunity to serve a mission and even more to be here in Anahuac. One thing I have learned from the members here is that being a missionary, being a disciple of Christ is something that is forever. It is not for 18 months. Actually, we had an activity yesterday with the members and we went to a park and just talked to as many people as we could. I split up with the cutest little old lady and her testimony was incredible. She said in one instance that she cant imagine dying without first inviting everyone to know Christ the way she does. I invite y'all to think about that.

Les Amo!
Hermana Dudley

P.S. Y otra vez, feliz cumpleanos a mi mama y tambien a Elder Lopez esta semana!

These are two jovenes that work with us. Alex and Johan.
Johan´s mom is trying to get me to stay in Mexico and marry her son. Ha

And these are algunas jovencitas that love to work with us. 

Una Foto para mi mama!

Look Mom! We made you a birthday cake!

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