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Thursday, June 5, 2014

2 Months in Mexico!!

Well everyone, I have officially lived in Mexico for two months. And, a quick shout out to one very important Elder, ELDER LOPEZ HAS COMPLETED 10 MONTHS IN CHILE!!!! WOW!!!!!

So, crazy week. On Monday, I had to eat Mexican Chinese Food. Not good. Not good at all. I went on divisiones con Hermana Herrera! I loved it, I miss her a lot. I also learned that there are quite a few "rules" that are actually just rules of Hermana Cervantes. But, she leaves in only 22 days, so I decided it was better to just go along with whatever until she leaves, ha. Not so great news, hermana Cervantes has lice. She thinks she has had it for several days and for some reason didn't want to tell me. Fortunately, my head is clean. But, I am super paranoid now. We bought that treatment shampoo and I used it just in case. And then I combed her hair and found bugs....ah.....but hey, service opportunity, ha. And really, I am in Mexico, it was bound to happen. Also, Joel is progressing so well! His baptism is set for this Saturday! Hopefully everything works out.

I love every single one of y'all and I hope all is well. Here's to another 2 months in Mexico!
Hermana Dudley

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