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Monday, December 29, 2014


Monday, December 1, 2014


On Thanksgiving we had tacos, ha. But, I was thankful! And actually my sweet companion and I ordered Pizza and she made me little post it notes of gratefulness, so it was good.

This was a good week, crazy fast and at times stressful, ha. First of all, Hugo and Lluvia were baptized and confirmed! WHOOP! We had some definite trials.....gosh......stressful. But everything turned out as it should. For example, Lluvia almost didn't have permission to be baptized because her uncle says we are from the Devil. But, we talked and worked everything out. Then, before the baptism we couldn't find Hugo. Anywhere. But, we prayed and waited a bit and he appeared, ha. That was an extremely happy moment. And their baptisms were beautiful. I am so proud of them and so happy for them. And they are both so excited. I cant wait to continue to learn with them. Actually, the other day something really funny happened while we were teaching Lluvia. We were outside on the curb talking and this man passed by and looked at us and then came back. And he was like, Hey, are you the Hermana that is always singing? And I was like, uh...yes. Ha. Because, really, I am just about always singing in the street, ha. So he said that he had heard me singing the other day in the street and then he wanted to know if I wanted to come to his house and record a cd for him, HA!

So, we are now entering December. These past few days have been super hot here. But, yesterday I completed 8 full months in Barrio Juarez. We have cambios in one week, I know that it is very probable that I will leave. But I am still hoping not. I just truly love this place and these people.

And, we are doing this cool thing! The Church has this initiative called He Is The Gift. and a page called christmas.mormon.org with an incredible video to help us all remember the point of this time. Please go see it and share it with everyone you know!

I love y'all and my mission! I hope all is well!
Hermana Dudley

El dia del Bautismo
And another from the baptism.
Y tambien cuando tuvimos que quedarnos
y ayudar a las hermanas a cambiar la casa. 
And Hermano Duran in a suit from Halliburton, ha.
We ate breakfast with him this morning.
I love that family SO MUCH. 
How we celebrate.

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