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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

3 Generations!


Great news, this week Fransica was baptized and confirmed, meaning there are now 3 generations of her family in the church! She is so tiny and fragile and adorable, ha. 

Interesting thing that happened this week: In the morning my companion and I were talking about the age of accountability, and baptism, and that led to a discussion of children, and young deaths, and all that that entails. It was very interesting and Moroni 8 is very enlightening. Honestly, it strengthened my testimony of the Plan of Salvation a lot. But, we still had a few questions. Then, when we left the house, one of our neighbors asked us why there are so many babies dying in the world. My first thought was, Uh, I am only 20 years old, why on earth do these people trust me with their questions of the soul...But then we looked at each, said a silent prayer, and told her we could help her understand. We wound up having a great lesson and I know that it was not us teaching, the Spirit truly helped us. Not only were we able to help her find understanding and peace, but we both now have this awesome experience and testimony of the power of the Spirit. And I am comforted because now I understand that these people trust us with their questions because their spirits recognize our spirits. 

Right now, Hermana Velasco is sick as a dog. It is terrible. But we went to the doctor and have medicine and faith, ha. 

Love y'all!

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