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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Well Howdy

Hola a Todos!

Another week down! This week I completed 6 full weeks as a missionary....what....so weird. And Alma is about to hit her 9 month mark in New York! WHOOOP!

Business. All of you should look up the facebook page of the mission. Hermana Chavez uploads photos and updates. It is www.facebook.com/missionmexicochihuahua1316

Also, our ward mission leader has a facebook page for just our ward. He uploads photos of our day to day activities and baptisms and everything. And He is awesome. The name of this page is obra misional Barrio Juarez Delicias Chihuahua. Sara, maybe you can add the link to my blog and facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/332380953601821/

I tell y'all, I love Barrio Juarez. I do not ever want to leave it, ha. Which probably means I will leave soon. But seriously, it is great. Hermana Duran, our mission leader, is giving us an activity today. That is a big deal becuase activites were banned for some reason. But He called President and got special permission for us!  Yesterday, I GAVE A TALK IN SACRAMENT MEETING! I was so nervous about my Spanish, but I had practiced and practiced and prayed and prayed and it went really well. Actually, afterwards I got compliments on my Spanish, ha. Hermana Jackson, who doesn't speak a word of Spanish, told me it was perfect. And I asked him if he understood any of it and he was like, "Nope, but it doesnt matter." Ha! He always calls me Little Girl. He is like 80. Ha. But really, as I was speaking, I was looking at the faces of all the members. I have truly come to love them. They are so strong and their testimonies are incredible. I am so grateful for all they do for me. I love learning from them and working with them. 

Really, we have seen miracles this week. My Companion only has about 3 weeks left, and it is starting to hit her. So we have had several sessions of tears and comfort. But all is well. 

I love yall!

Hermana Dudley

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