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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Hola a todos!

Firstly, I forgot my cable en la casa, so there will not be any photos this week. But, next week a lot. Because we had an activity and we are having another one today (MILAGROS) so I have a lot of great photos to share with y'all. 

Let me tell you, I have learned that The Lord knows us. He knows exactly what we need and how to help us. Gosh, I have such a strong testimony of that today. I say this because VAMOS A TENER CAMBIOS!!!! WHOOP! So, yesterday I completed 5 full months in this same ward, same house, same area. And at times I was feeling restless and frustrated. And at times I thought, "Gosh, I want a change, please send me cambios."  But, whenever I thought that, I always changed my mind becuase I remembered Manuela and Jazmin and Fransica and Perla and Joel and all the members here that I LOVE. So really, I didn't have any idea what I wanted. But, I knew that change was needed. After 5 months I kind of got to a point of comfort and I didn't feel like I was progressing as I should. But cambios are in two weeks, so I figured, ay, two more weeks and something will happen. BUT, yesterday we got a call that we needed to be in the house early becuase we were going to have cambios early. So we got home and we waited for 3 hours and no one called. I was all over the place, thinking, yes I want something different, no I don't want to leave, ay our district is awesome, but what else is there, AY YI YI. So finally, at about 10 our Zone Leaders called. And this is when I felt the incredible love and knowledge that the Lord has for me. 

Yes, I have cambios. But, I will still be in the ward! Basically, I will just be changing houses and areas. And companions! I am going to be with La Hermana Godinez. Ella es de Dallas, Texas! WHOOP! But, Her family is Mexican so she speaks Spanish fluently. She has a very strong and fun personality, I know I am going to learn so much! Tomorrow I have to pack my bags and move across town, ha. It is so perfect because I will still get to be with this ward that I love so much, I will still see the people that I taught, but I will get new opportunities, new sights, new investigators, and a new comp. El Senor sabe, en verdad, sabe perfectamente que necesitamos.

Here is the thing though....Hermana Godinez  and I aren't just going to be companions. We are going to CAPACITADORAS! Or in English, Sister Training Leaders. Basically, we are in charge of all the sisters of the two zones of Delicias. There are 8 other sisters that we will be in charge of. It is kind of zone leaders, but just for the sisters. In all honesty, I never would have expected this. And actually, I didn't believe it. I made my Zone leaders tell me about 50 times because I didn't believe it at all. And really, I thought, how is it possible that I am going to be a leader when I still feel like a baby in the mission, ha. But, this also added to my Testimony of the plans that the Lord has for us. I felt incredulous, but I didn't feel panicked. And well normally, I think I would feel panicked. But I felt calm, and more than anything I felt super excited. I am so excited because I know I will learn so much, I will meet more missionaries and I will be able to help them. I know that I will develop a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father and I will come to understand the Atonement more, I know I will need their help so much. I am a little nervous...today they are going to explain all of our responsibilities and we have to call all the sisters and presentarnos y todo. Ay, en verdad es bien raro. Todavia estoy pensando....que.....como.....AY CHIHUAHUA! HA! 

Solo quiero dejarles mi testimonio, El Senor nos ama y nos conoce. El tiene un plan por cada uno de nosotros y aun cuando no pensamos que podemos, podemos con Su ayuda. Les amo mucho!

Hermana Dudley

P.S. The Man in the Big House may not be a drug dealer. Another Hermana told us that he has some sort of business in the U.S. Who knows. But now he wont be in my area.  

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