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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ya Tengo 7 Meses y no entiendo como.....


Well, firstly I just want everyone to know that I love my companion. I mean, I have said that about my other comps, but I really love this lady. Hermana Laguna and I laugh all day long. Our personalities just click and everything is hilarious. She is great, absolutely great. 

This week, she was ill. So we had to stay in the house one day. Let me tell you....staying in the house all day as a missionary is not the greatest thing. However, we got to talk a lot and that was fun. 

We also had a very special baptism on Saturday. A family of four baptized, all together! La Familia Enriquez Ramos...Juan, Silvia, Angel, y Juanito make up the most beautiful family! Oh, and Osvaldo tambien, pero solo tiene 2 anos, entonces no se bautizo. And the baptism was perfect. Actually, it was funny becuase the baptism clothes for the boys were huge and we had to use a white tie as a belt for Juanito, ha. But He loved it.  This family is incredible. There is such love in there home and they are the definition of prepared. Truly, the Lord works in our lives. He prepares us and helps us and guides us. With this family, we learned how to be instruments in His hands, we were reminded that we arent the teachers, the Spirit prepares, teaches, and testifies. We are just here to invite. They understand and accept everything with such ease and faith and have the goal of getting to the Temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. I am so grateful to have met them and learned from them. They are a great addition and will become a great strength to Barrio Juarez. And it gets even better, this family was a reference from Hermano Chuy, they are good friends. And I have never seen someone as excited as Hermano Chuy. He baptized all of the family and was just glowing. 

Oh, and just to remind yall, I love Barrio Juarez. The other day we had to go to the chapel and no one was there to do the cleaning. Entonces, mi querido companera y yo limpiamos. Turns out, cleaning the chapel with just two people takes quite a while, ha. But it felt great to serve the ward that supports us so much. And the Bishop was there working on a few things and He just loves us even more now. Somos chiples y las favoritas. 

La mision es maravillosa y la amo. 

Hermana Dudley

My dear companion let me borrow her camera to send some pictures. She is the best. 

La Familia Enriquez Ramos...Son Maravillosos. 
Her mother is very ill and probably wont make it through the week. Prayers would be appreciated. 

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