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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Hola Queridos!

Listen, I don't have any time anymore. Between divisiones, reuniones con presidente, nightly calls, and our own investigators....wow, no hay tiempo. Entonces, this week flew by faster than I can even understand. But it is awesome.

Highlights include divisions with the other hermanas. It is so fun to get to know other areas and other Hermanas. I met this one Hermana from Utah and she is absolutely hilarious. And Hermana Corzo from Argentina, gosh I love her. It is awesome to work with the other Hermanas and learn from them and I hope I can help them the way they help me.
The only downside to divisiones from this week is that I lost my camera. I think I left it in a taxi because in one day we were in like 6 different taxis running all over the place. I tried to find it...but to no avail. And honestly, I am kind of sick about it.

So, coolest thing from this week.....all of the leaders of the mission went to LAS CASCADAS DE BASASEACHI! It is this huge waterfall here in Chihuahua. It was amazing. It is like 5 hours in bus from Chihuahua. When we got there we had to hike down to the waterfall and it was about an hour. It was amazing. So green. Here in Chihuaha, everything is brown, so it was even more amazing to see green again. Ha. And when we finally got to the waterfall, ay, it was breathtaking. We were all soaked from the mist and it was so loud! But it was the most beautiful thing. Then we had to hike back up...that was quite an ordeal. But we learned that sometimes in life, we focus on the downhill, on the waterfall, on the easy part. And when it comes the challenging part we want to give up. But, if we can push through and hike back up the mountain, something even more amazing will be waiting for us. Gosh, it was so cool! I cant send pictures because I don't have a camera. But my comp is going to pass me the photos.

Overall, the most important thing that we have to do in Life if Endure. Even when we are super hot and we are hiking up a mountain and our clothes are soaking wet and our pants are falling down because we forgot a belt. Just endure. And then we will receive more blessings, and have the experience of the waterfall and the hike to look back on.

I love y'all
Hermana Dudley

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