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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Happy ONE YEAR TO ELDER AARON MATTHEW LOPEZ! I feel like you left yesterday, but already half way...Oh, we're half way there, oh Whoa, livin' on a prayer!


Just so everyone knows, the Mission is incredible and I love it. Every day there are so many set backs, but there are so many miracles! Manuela and Jazmin went to the Temple! There is not enough time in the day to tell y'all how many challenges they faced to get there, but get there they did. And then, on Sunday, everyone shared their testimonies of the Temple and all the youth shared their testimonies of EFY and it was incredible. They actually wound up extending Sacrament meeting to two hours becuase there were just so many people who wanted to share their experiences. THE SPIRIT WAS AMAZING! La Familia Jiminez was sealed for time and all eternity and hearing little Brayan (7) say "Sé que mi familia es eterna" was the most beautiful thing. Everyone in the Chapel was crying. Manuela was sobbing like a baby and told me thank you thank you thank you for finding us. Actually, in the morning we went to their house and they were still asleep and we woke them up and reminded them that it was Sunday and Manuela was like, What, it is Sunday, Jazmin, why didn't you tell me, get up, get ready, lets go. And she paid her tithing and signed up to feed us twice this week! I dont know what we will eat becuase they have nothing, but in her sweet humility she wants to share what little she has with us. I love her so much! It is so amazing to think of How she was when we first found her. I testify to all of y'all and the whole world the the True and Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives!

Also, cambios were today. And.....I am still in Delicias. Presidente has a habit of having cambios like 3 weeks in a row, so I don't feel totally safe yet, but for now I am very excited to remain here. I love Delicias and we have great converts and investigators that I do not want to leave. 

Also, our neighbor is trying to marry me off to her son. But only so he can get his passport back. Ha. No worries, I am a missionary. 

I love y'all!

Hermana Dudley

P.S. Yes, I had menudo. It really is not as terrible as everyone says. It is just a bit strange to chew the intestines of a cow. And Hermano Duran, our Mission Leader. He is hilarious,. a convert who used to be a straight up cholo. I love this guy. He calls me HERMANITA DUDLEY. I use caps becuase he is always yelling, ha. 

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